100% of Royalties from "Bullets Are Flying" Goes to the March for Our Lives Gun Control Movement



As Jason & the Rex, I pledge to donate 100% of the royalties in perpetuity from a selected release to a notable cause and/or charity. From every album release, I pledge to dedicate at least one song to this initiative. As an artist, I often feel like I'm sitting on the sidelines, while others are out there fighting and championing on my behalf. Perhaps this is one way my listeners and I can directly participate. 

Synth [Synthesis]

  1. Synths are the digital instruments that feature heavily in my music

  2. Synthesis is creation -- turning a thought or a sentiment into a fully composed and produced piece

  3. Synthesis is progress -- as opposed to compromise where we settle for the lowest common denominator, can we seek to find the best ideas from both sides of a conversation and synthesize them to create a better society for all of us?



  1. Progress -- something needs to change -- e.g. laws and regulations surrounding our nation’s gun culture need to change

  2. Money -- the fraction of a penny we, as artists, receive from streaming royalties -- e.g. $.006/play on Spotify

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